Comfort is key….or NOT

It’s safe to say that I am currently on a journey. Actually, I’ve been on this journey for a while. I’m not exactly sure where I’m headed but I’d like to think it’s somewhere filled with greatness. The past month has been different for me. It’s been particularly tough. I’ve been going through hell of some sorts. I don’t mind going through hell because normally I experience an important breakthrough right after hell. What kills me is the brief moment you experience hell. The moment your heart is breaking and there’s not much you can do about it. The moment you feel as if there’s no hope and no one can do anything to help you. The moment you feel so down and defeated and don’t know what do about it. This is the worst feeling you can possibly have. The feeling where anything seems better that the moment you are experiencing. The brief moment whereby you are in pain; pain so great you can’t explain or share with another human being. I’m not really sure where I was going with this post. I begun writing it yesterday then got distracted; life happens. I had to go live life for a brief moment but I’m back now. I had a story that inspired something in me. I think it was more of an experience that I was going to make into a story. I have been going through a rather tough time lately. It’s been hard on me and has made it difficult for me to cope. However, I am grateful for the experience. I have been quite uncomfortable. I like being uncomfortable and hate it at the same time. It’s a love hate relationship (obviously). I like being comfortable, it’s nice, it’s cushy and everything goes well. What I don’t like is being comfortable. When I’m comfortable means I’m accustomed to a particular person, way of life or situation. Being comfortable causes me to be complacent. This could be good but I don’t necessarily find it to be a good thing. Complacency is the mother of all evil; it stifles growth. I’m 22 and one thing I believe in is growth. I do believe as human beings we are meant to constantly learn and grow. This is who we are meant to be, learners. I wouldn’t mind achieving a balance between being comfortable and maintaining my enthusiasm for learning. Being uncomfortable forces me to leave my comfort zone and immerse myself into something new. I believe that when we are uncomfortable we have a no choice but to move (unless you get accustomed to being uncomfortable, then I believe you have achieved the nirvana of comfort ability), when you move you get better, getting better means you’re learning. I don’t like being comfortable and neither do I like being uncomfortable because, well it’s uncomfortable. I have been in an uncomfortable situation for the past month. I was not expecting to experience this and this is why it took me by surprise and why it hurt immensely. I suppose I got too comfortable and wasn’t ready to be uncomfortable. Normally when I get uncomfortable it’s for a reason. This is a way for the world to communicate to me. The world is trying to tell me something and I need to be open to receiving, learning and getting better. I’m not sure exactly what the universe is trying to communicate to me but I am now open to receiving and learning. I’m in a place where my heart is open and ready to receive, minimal resistance, openness to the universe. I suppose the point of the story was this; don’t get too comfortable in your current situation, getting too comfortable will cause you to be resistant to change, be open to change (change is good at least that’s what they say). Dammit don’t get too comfortable.


I got a bad B**** and thats my PROBLEM

Just because you have problems or experiencing a rather difficult situation does not mean you put everything at a standstill in order to take care of the problem. I understand that we sometime may need to take time to think about the situation in order to put everything into perspective. This however does not mean that you should use this to evade everything else going on in life. Problems never cease to exist in life. Problems only get worse; we get better at solving problems. I believe that we play a part in creating the problems we experience. If you do not like the problems that you have then you actively do something to change your situation in order to encounter different problems. You cannot cease to have problems. Learn how to efficiently solve them.