I always say I’ll write more but never do. One of the reasons is I don’t think I have anything exciting to write. Maybe it’s because I;m always counting on something grand so I may write about it. Well, now I realize if I hope to write grand stories then my writing days are going to be far and few between. My solution to this is to write about the daily things I experience in life. Sometime this may be boring or not that interesting but I will write, which is what matters.

My days are usually similar simply because I’m a creature of habit. I’ve in class for the past week-part of a mandatory training for my job. I must admit I’ve developed a love hate relationship with this class, just as I have with school. I like that I don’t have to do any tedious chores, just sit and listen to the instructors. I don’t like that I have to take exams, why cant the teacher just have faith that i’ve mastered what he’s trying to convey? It bothers me that the instructor has control over the schedule of the class. Being in class makes me nostalgic but also excites me about the future.

I’ve decided to add a list of some things that make my life what it is and share.

What I’m currently reading; Sh*t My Dad Says. I just started reading this book and I’m loving it. It’s laugh out loud funny. Reading this book puts a smile on my face, makes my day better.

Currently watching; The Good Wife. I just started watching season five. I begun watching this show out of boredom. I’ve watched the past four seasons within the last month and I like the show. The show is set in a law firm in Chicago. The characters in the show are all different and have something different to offer.

What I’m loving; I appreciate that I don’t have a car. I like that I don’t have to pump gas into a car with the ungodly weather.

What I’m grateful for; I wouldn’t ming a fireplace but since I don’t have one I’m appreciative for my space heater. Its a life saver. It makes the long nights bearable and my lone time more enjoyable.


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