I ain’t got no worries

my view

my view

did I ever mention that i love America?did I ever mention that i love America?

Arizona sunset. Not the best picture, but you get the point

Arizona sunset. Not the best picture, but you get the point


poolside chillingpoolside chilling

Thinking about my quarter life crisis or what I used to think of my life. Honestly I have no sense of direction right now and I’m not quite worried about it. I’m not sure when I’m going back to college, not sure what I’m gonna study when I go back or what school I’m going to. Normally this would terrify me but at the moment it doesn’t. I’m okay with being in the army and living by the moment. Actually I don’t know how long I want to be in the military but that doesn’t worry me either. I gotta say I love living life by the moment, not worrying about what tomorrow brings. I should enjoy this before I have  a life whereby I have to worry about everything. Anyway I’ve been in Arizona for almost four months and I’m ready to leave. One thing I’ll miss is the weather and the view. Its beautiful. I’ll also miss the people here. When u live with certain people and get to share every aspect of your life with them for four months you kind of just get attached. I’ll be leaving in a lil bit less than three weeks and I’m excited for it. I’ll miss hanging out by the pool and doing absolutely nothing productive (btw this is the first time in my life wearing a 2 piece, so proud of me…I’m enjoying this too much). I wont miss waking u at four in the morning, or running in the high altitude. I wont miss living under strict rules but I will miss breaking them. I wont miss being class all day but ill miss sitting on my ass all day. I like Arizona enough to want to experience it in my own terms in the future. I definitely will be visiting soon. I’m getting comfortable in my own skin and getting to know myself more by the day. I love where my life is going, I don’t know where its going but I’m positive it’s heading towards a great direction. This has been fun but i’m ready to move on to the next chapter. A bit anxious about this but I’m excited to experience it all.


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