Almost there but not quite


Its may. This means it’s almost mid year. Cant remember what I set out to accomplish at the begin of the year but I’m  sure I can remind myself by going back a couple of blog post(i know shame on me, I’ve posted less than two bog posts since the beginning of 2013, I swear I have a legit reason). Seems as though the year flew by and left me behind, what a shame. Well, last year was quite the year for me, it was a year of lots of questioning, partying, and hopefully growing up too. Anyway in the midst of all that I made a decision, not sure if its right or wrong but whatever, im loving it so far and that’s all that matters. Here goes the big decision *drum roll* I joined the US army. This is big for me considering that the army or even the military was never on my mind, but I did it anyway. Have quite a few reasons as to why I joined (I’d have to tell you my life story in order to reveal the reason as to why I joined, which is not going to happen now but stick around long enough and maybe you’ll find out). So that’s what ive been doing in 2013( technically the last three months because I spent most of january in a random stranger’s porcelain throne or passed out someplace that i probably will never recall). Went to army basic training, quite the experience (I may write about it, just to relive the experience). As you can imagine its been a long three months, and while I feel as though I accomplished nothing of grave importance, I have great experiences to be thankful for. Btw, I think I finally figured out my quarter life  crisis(I know it took me joining the military to do so, but whatever, its done so the means doesn’t matter). Figuring my quarter life crisis  took off a load that I’d been carrying on for a while. Not sure where I was going with this but here’s what I’m most excited about at the moment; I’m ready to get back into wearing civilian clothes(you have no idea how exciting this is, once you live in camo and army outfits for three months, which btw the clothes are not very fashionable, then you’ll understand my pain). Living in an army base is like going to a candy store, so many guys to choose from, lots of variety and most of them are in great shape, I definitely have a sweet tooth ;). I’m obviously excited to serve the great people of America and have fun while doing so. Well for now I have to get back to my busy life(I never thought I’d ever say this but I don’t think there’s enough hours in a day).


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