Resolution, Or Whatnot…..


I know I said I wouldn’t do resolutions this year but for a mildly OCD individual suffering from control issues, this is too hard  not to do. I think I’ll stick to my word, I wont do resolutions rather bucket list or goals (whichever floats your boat).  Lets just get right into this, this year I’m going to aim higher, I’m going to lose 15 pounds of fat(yeah I had to be that specific). Some people may think that’s a bit much considering that I’m not overweight but I feel as though I’d be  better individual if I was 15 pounds lighter; I’d be a better dancer, study better, pray more, meditate regularly, run faster and so much more. I’ll be equipped to take over the world once I lose 15 pounds. Well I plan on releasing 10 pounds within the next four months (I’m not in a rush to do this) then 5 pounds there after and eventually gain back the 5 lbs during a vacation or holidays so that next year I may have a weight loss goal. I know this is going to happen because it never fails, I gain weight, complain about it, lose it then start the cycle all over (I have three different sizes of pants just to accommodate my weighty issues). I think I was meant to be a pescatarian, I’ll transition sometime during the year and see how I like it. Meat no longer tickles my fancy so I figured I can do without it. I’ll see how this works out, maybe I’ll even feel better about myself for saving a chickens life that I would have otherwise devoured. I’ve been debating on getting a belly  button piercing for the last three years. I know this is not a big deal but still havent figured out why I never got it, this time I’m going to commit to this and make it happen. I want a tattoo but I’m a bit skeptical about this, first my body is constantly changing and what looks good on me may not be the same tomorrow, second I don’t know what to get, I have nothing meaningful to tattoo and lastly I havent made up my mind on what part of my body is worthy enough of a tattoo, maybe if I solve all these issues then I’ll get one. I’m a bit perverse so I want to go to a nude beach, perharps I’ll like it and eventually frequent such or end up a naturist. I’ve always been negative about sports, I wanna change that. Only way to do that is I partake in a sporting activity. I want to play a sport, something that doesn’t involve me sweating, running, a sport that I didn’t play in phys ed (worst class ever, I used to be last person to get picked on a team, after the chubby kids, this should help you gauge my sportsmanship), or any sport that they show on tv. I know that limits my options but I’ll find something, perhaps twerking. I’d like to travel to at least five different states this year, I’d say a different country but that’s pushing it. I wanna get closer to God, how I’m going to accomplish this I don’t exactly know but I’ll somehow manage to make it happen. I want to write more often and of course that goes hand in hand with reading. I’m a believer in the ten thousand hour theory by Malcolm Gladwell so I’m going to begin investing my 10,000 hours to a worthy cause, in the hope of a rewarding ROI. I should probably learn something about politics and increase my financial knowledge. Most importantly I hope to figure out my quarter life crisis.


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