My Relationship…Its Complicated



He told me I’m the last voice he wants to hear before he goes to bed (call me a skeptic but I don’t believe this). This led me to thinking about the last thing I like to do before I go to bed, which turned out to be checking my twitter time line. I know this sounds vain but if you appreciate twitter as much as I do then you would understand. Personally I think twitter has changed my life in so many ways, and that’s why I love it so much (I don’t think love is the word to describe my relationship with twitter, addiction would be better). It’s through twitter that I receive all the news about whats going on in the world. Twitter was my live update during the election, and trust me it kept me on edge. Thanks to twitter I didn’t have to watch the debate since I was constantly updated on what was going on. Call me uninformed but prior to twitter I had no clue as to who Frank Ocean was, but I had no choice but to be acquainted with him after his coming out of the closet. I happen to think he’s a great artist, I have two of his songs on my playlist which is pretty grand for me since I’m not much of a music enthusiast. Twitter has also helped me better connect with my friends, like me most of my friends appreciate twitter hence constantly posting and updating (s/o to all my friends who ignore my texts then post on twitter like there’s no tomorrow, because I’ll remember that next time you text me). As much I love twitter, I also hate it. Since everyone in my timeline thinks they are an awesome narrator, they always write every detail of tv shows and movies, which in turn ruins my excitement for watching the shows only because I’m always last on watching everything (on a brighter note, this helps because I don’t watch as much tv as I used to). For some odd reason everyone feels the need to post about how great their weekend is and how much fun they are having, well umm this really helps shed light on just how much fun I have(well compared to my timeline I have no fun at all in my life). Now I understand why people could develop depression from social media, talk about the pressure of being cool and drinking your whole weekend away(which btw I’m not against), its like high school all over again. I think my IQ has increased since I started using twitter, you can credit this to google facts and all the random pages that tweet all the facts (I don’t think all the facts are true, some of them sound a bit questionable, this just makes me question everything I’ve ever learned in school). My most favorite thing about twitter are the positive tweets (to all the tweeters who’ve dedicated their tweets to positive and uplifting tweets, you make my life so much better, you guys are like my personal Oprah) they make life so much better. Well, this must be  among the most important relationships I have right now, because while twitter may sometime disappoint, it always has a way of redeeming itself and making everything so much better (men should take note from twitter, they would learn a thing or two).


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