Random Thoughts

snowy days

Its snowing. 10th December and today is the first day snow is falling. I don’t know why that piece of information was relevant but whatever, I wrote it anyway. I’ve been thinking all day, about nothing specific but mostly about everything. I’ve thought about the past year and the fact that I feel as though I’ve accomplished nothing and yet have experienced lots of things. Maybe I should blame the fact that I didn’t accomplished much on my not writing down my resolutions. I think I had new years resolutions, I just never wrote them down. maybe I’ll do better this year and write down my resolutions. But come to think of it, I don’t have specific things that I want to accomplish. I mean I want to get better and grow as a person but I don’t have specific goals such as travel to Jamaica, lose 10 pounds(btw, I always have a goal of losing 10 ponds. doesn’t matter how I look or feel I just do) or get a master’s degree or anything of the sort. I think not having set goals worked to my favor this time around since I got to experience and do things that I wouldn’t normally do. Thing is I’m a firm believer in following the law and abiding by rules and regulation, this also applies to the rules I use to govern me. When I write down goals they become rules that govern me, I have to live by them at all times. Not having set goals helped me color outside the lines which turned out to be quite interesting. While I havent accomplished anything major i stepped out my comfort zone and experienced a few things, I’ll try summing them all up in a nutshell; I had the most jobs, all interesting jobs this year than I ever have had in my life, my sexual encounters were out of the box as well, familiarized myself with certain ‘body/mind simulators’, met very diverse and interesting people, gained weight(which I’m going to get rid off, yeah im working on losing 10lbs), started running (this is big for me since I don’t run and hate everything that has to do with running), I chose to become a soldier, thought of becoming a pescetarian (the thought counts too), changed my major in school again(my major is finding an actual major), became a shopaholic (devastating to my financial well-being), I also realised that I just may have some fashion sense, became an informed alcoholic (prior to this I was a non-informed alcoholic), lost and gained friends (this is not news though, this happens quite often), I cook (its twisted but cooking is not hell for me anymore, I actually enjoy cooking for people, I know the world must be coming to an end) and most important I discovered that I enjoy writing. I’m not sure where I was going with this but I think that’ll be it for now.


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